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Drop-off Outside Surrey Schools

Should parents be allowed to park outside schools to drop off and collect their young children?  In Surrey we are experiencing an increasing number of children with a resulting extra demands on school places.  The days of mum staying at home to look after the children are long gone; the economy demands that women are a vital part of the workforce and why should women not have careers?  In addition, every household expects to have a flatscreen television, computer, probably a car, annual holidays etc.: money does not grow on trees.  Thus mum or dad may have to drive their child to a school and possibly even drive a second child to a different school before going on to their own place of work.  Few schools offer facilities within their boundaries for dropping off and collecting the children; thus the parents often have to run the gauntlet of traffic wardens – one parking fine can equate to their net pay for that particular day.


Is it unrealistic to expect parents to walk their young children to school and then go on to their place of work?  Many parts of Surrey lack the adequate public transport necessary for them to be able to do the drop off and pick up and hold down a job.  I regularly visit  Combe Martin, North Devon for business purposes.  The Combe Martin Parish Council allow parents to park free of charge in the car park in the mornings and afternoons for a sufficient period for them to drop off and collect their children from the school.  Should we face up to reality in Surrey?

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