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We are in the Pot Hole Season………….

…………..Oh Yes! The weather plays havoc with our road surfaces, & I’m pleased to note that Surrey County Council are fixing more pot-holes than ever. However they keep coming -it is just one degree centigrade out there today as I write this in the middle of the day! Sadly we hear that elsewhere in the country a cyclist seems to have died after cycling into a pot hole & falling off his bike. SCC  cannot fix pot holes unless our staff now that they exist -so what can we do? Easy – on the SCC Website there is a facility to ‘report a pothole’. Alternatively just call 0300 200 1003.

None of us can control the weather -but we can report pot holes & prevent potential accidents & vehicle damage.

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  1. Lara-Jane Fuller says:

    Instead they ‘fix’ pavements, in Knaphill, to make them suitable for cyclists by cutting the double lane into a lane and a half to give the cyclists more room than everyone else. As well as spending thousands to do so, and causing traffic queues while they were doing it and forever more because there is now only room for one car at a time to use the roundabout. It was fine before – and they didn’t fix any of the many pot holes nearby either.

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