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Having served as a County Councillor since 2009 I know that  -as the song said -I cannot make promises that I just can’t keep. I played a big part in getting rid of the clampers in Cedar Lane (and the rest of the country); if I win the Election I will tackle the problems arising under the new management at this car park -which is having a detrimental affect on the residents and businesses in Cedar Lane.  But I won’t promise to resolve it.  Four years ago I set out to deal with the problem of the dangerous A30 bus lane. I encountered opposition -I promise to take up the cudgels again next week if I win the Election -but I cannot promise that I will win. I pledged to help businesses and residents who were victims of absurd  Government and EU policies. Ask Siemens. Ask the residents of Station Road Frimley- they will tell you -as will others. I’ve fought tooth and nail for my residents and will continue to do so. David Hodge -the Leader of SCC – will confirm that I am a very good  colleague but that sometimes he will find me working against him if his policy is not in the best interests of my residents.

So: four years experience have shown me that at least some of Rodney Bates six ‘Pledges’, well-meaning and worthy though they are, may be impractical to say the least. I’ve managed to persuade residents to set up Community Groups and campaigns. I’ve encouraged some to bring petitions to the SCC Local Area Committee Meetings. I wish more had listened to me and set up Neighbourhood Watch or Speed -Watch groups -but one can only lead a horse to water…..

So; visiting every school  -every term. Unrealistic! I’ve replied to this on my blog.

So: a Monthly Newsletter?Surrey Heath Councillors do these very well. Paul Deach runs the superb Surrey Heath Residents Website. Why on earth would Rodney want to set up three new Newsletters??

So: ‘ speaking out at County Hall to ensure proper provision of social care and mental health services in our area’.  The entire Council -all 80 of us in 2009-13 – have worked to this end. Rodney can ‘speak at County Hall’ all he   likes if he gets elected. What I’ve done over the years is get down to the core of each issue I have concerns about; find out who is responsible, and seek change at the right levels. It takes action -not words’.

So: regular pothole patrols! I’ve written about this too on my blog. Potholes appear overnight. I try to educate my residents to report potholes to SCC -by phone or via the SCC Website. It would take Rodney two hours every day to patrol the 40 miles of Camberley West.

I could go on  -I think I’ve made my point.

And -oh yes – I still object to having been called a ‘Political Stooge’

Denis Fuller


  1. Louise says:

    Whereas I agree that candidates making unrealistic pledges is pointless I would take up your point on newsletters. You’re very much mistaken if you think Surrey Heath councillors are good at communications. I’ve lived in Frimley for four years, I’ve never had a newsletter from my Surrey Heath councillors outside election time, I’ve contacted by Surrey Heath councillors and been ignored. The only communication I receive from Surrey Heath Conservatives is one cursory leaflet once a year when looking for my vote. But even if they were perfect, what’s wrong with a candidate promising to communicate with residents? Surely the more communication the better?

    • fullerdenis says:

      Louise.I think you may have a point. A Surrey County Council Division comprises three Wards -usually three very different Communities. Frimley is very different to Watchetts & St Michaels. One of the St Michaels Councillors has a mailing list to keep residents up to date on issues. So far as I’m aware, Frimley & Watchetts do nothing on line, but I have seen ‘paper’ Newsletters. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘cursory newsletters once a year asking for your vote’. There are no Annual Elections. County & Borough Councillors sit for 4 years. If you’ve written to a councilor & been ignored you should scream from the rooftops. I hope I always reply -if I don’t then someone more senior should be told. I’ve tried public meetings -nobody turns up. I’ve tried newsletters -I get little response. I’m one of the few older Councillors (but new to the business -only 4 years) -who is now using SM. I also pass important information to Paul Deach to get my message out. What I was saying in reply to Rodney’s pledge is that there actually are occasional newsletters from the three Camberley West Wards but there are better -more effective communications from Camberley Residents Newsletter (Paul Deach); Camberley Society, Churches etc. I’m all for Councillors trying to communicate better with Residents. I think a County Councillor if he did this in Camberley West would have to write three Newsletters. Believe me -I spend at least 50 hours per week on SCC business in County Hall, around the County & locally in Camberley/Frimley -without writing endless newsletters & without touring 40 miles of roads seeking out potholes. There is an enormous amount of SCC information on the SCC website. Do you read it? Do you come to SCC Local Area Committee meetings? Have you attended any SCC meetings in County Hall -or watched the Webcasts? Do you attend local Police Panel Meetings? If the answer to these questions is NO -why would you read yet another Newsletter? BUT -I’ve had the door slammed in my face too many times during this campaign: it is clear that many residents have no clue what we CCs do, why, where & for whom? So -how do you realistically think that CCs should get their message over to our 10,000 voters?? If elected I’d really like to know. Thanks for responding Louise.

  2. Louise says:

    Just to confirm – I have contacted you on one occasion and you were great so thank you. I think what you say is fair but it’s more an organisational issue with SHCA – the Association should offer more support to councillors and not leave you to make all communications yourself. But I come at this from the point of view of a former agent…

    • fullerdenis says:

      Thanks Louise -always happy to help if I possibly can


    • fullerdenis says:

      Louise; I think you are right in many respects. We seem to have the same roots -my maternal grandfather was a Clydeside Boilermakers Union Convener; I was born in Ardrossan. If you are ‘on our side’ SHCA would welcome you -I certainly would!

  3. Julian Hagger says:

    What about supporting local clubs and societies? We cannot even get decent signage up to let people know where we are – god forbid that one of the many children we coach gets hurt and an ambulance cannot locate the ground!

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