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….. let alone one without an ignition key! It had a disc to put in a slot on the dashboard – then you put your foot on the clutch and pressed a button -and it started!  When you stopped at traffic lights the engine stopped too! PANIC!  I soon found out that by pressing down on the clutch -the engine started!  WOW!

So what was I doing on Election Day May 2nd with this super car?  Well; for a  candidate,  Election day is quite frantic -involving visits to the six polling stations, the committee room, plus last-minute canvassing. I decided that my old blue Jaguar XK8 convertible, apart from being utterly unsuitable for use on election day, (the engine tends to flood if you stop-start),  might send out the wrong message to those who thought it was worth a lot of money. (Sadly some voters seem to despise success -even though ‘success; creates jobs, wealth etc. for others). In any event the old car had been stuck in the garage for much of the winter and needed a service. So I booked it in with my friend from Camberley, Dave Cutler, the owner of  the excellent Yateley MOT Centre, and asked for the loan of a courtesy car. A few months earlier I’d had occasion to borrow one of Dave’s courtesy cars  -Carol and I re-titled it a ‘discourtesy car’! I was glad to take it back.  I was hoping to be using Dave’s best car -his old faithful  Ka – roomy, nippy, economical, easy to park – all just the job for Election Day.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at Yateley MOT Centre  on Wednesday and found this Mini waiting for me!  It was basically Red – Rodney Bates would have fancied this I’m sure!  The wing-mirrors had Union Flags on them which would have please the UKIP candidate.  The only hint of Tory Blue on the car was the Aldershot Football Team Logo – and  -guess what -they went into Administration on May 1st – a really good omen!

Miraculously I got the Mini back to Dave in one piece. Secretly I’m hoping the 0ld Jag. breaks down soon so I can have another go


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