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Shortly after becoming the Surrey County Councillor for Camberley West (which includes Frimley) in 2009 I had to get involved in the problems with the wheel-clamping in Cedar Lane car park. After a lot of hard work by fellow councillors,  businesses, Surrey County Council Trading Standards Officers, the media  and our MP Michael Gove etc. we managed to get wheel clamping on private land banned -Nationwide.  Recently a new company took over the management of Cedar Lane car park. Now that I’ve been re-elected as the County Councillor I’m reviewing the issues that I had deal with over my first four years in the role.  I want to be sure that the new arrangements in Cedar Lane car park Frimley are operating smoothly and efficiently, and that the users, businesses, their staff etc. are satisfied.  Comments would be most welcome

Denis Fuller


  1. Brian Curnow says:

    Many congratulation on your re-election.

    Having followed the Cedar Lane Car Park saga for many years its good to see someone with real klout taking an interest at last.

    The problem is NOT fixed. Parking there is pain. It is not clear what the free period is if any. There should be a free phone there to talk to someone responsible when there are issues as inevitably there will be. People recall the previous clamping so they stay away and trade has been effected as a result. The council car park is often full as result. Grafiti has become a problem in Cedar Lane etc etc

    So we look to you to provide leadership on this issue.

    Best wishes

    Brian Curnow
    Surrey Heath Conservative Policy Forum

    07894 431597.

    • fullerdenis says:

      Hi Brian. I agree -clearly there are problems -albeit of a different nature but nevertheless people are suffering. Cedar Lane is a Car Park -not a Cash Cow for a car park management company! I had a meeting in County Hall today & await some advice. I’ll not let this drop.

  2. Melissa Settle says:

    I have had the misfortune of encountering Civil Enforcements Ltd whilst parking at Cedar Lane Car Park during the Summer.

    I was given a fine following a POPLA appeal which i unfortunately lost – despite the fact my ticket covered the time i was in the car park plus a three minute surplus. Civil Enforcement Ltd themselves say there is a ten minute allowance to get your ticket!

    I was charged as i bought my ticket after being in my car for 20 minutes (emergency call!) even though i covered ALL THE TIME I WAS THERE with the ticket i paid for. They claim signage is clear, but to see this ‘new’ rule you’d have to be at the ticket booth – so impossible to know in this instance.

    I shall never use this car park again, which in turn means i shall not use any of the businesses on the Frimley High Street – something i have made a point of doing for over twelve years. Suspect many more constituents will do the same – watch for the decline in sales.

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