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According to a recent Tweet from Daniel Hannan MEP……………………….

………..Labour will not trust the Working Man to vote in a Referendum.  Well!  I’ve had some interesting discussions with members of the Labour Party on this. I’m told -(I’ve not checked) that ‘Europe’ or ‘Referendum’ does not rate highly on the lists of priorities held by Working Men. I’ m told that their priorities are Unemployment, Poverty, Housing Costs , Food Prices etc.  I think I heard that ‘Europe’ appears lower down the list than these, and other areas of concern.

I wonder if Labour have spelt out why, perhaps, some of these major issues of concern are more serious than they otherwise might have been?  Because of the crisis in the Eurozone,  ‘Europe’ , our biggest market, are not buying from UK at the level they otherwise might. As a result of our EU membership we have to accept workers from other European Countries coming in to seek employment. They obviously need somewhere live.  Etc.Etc.

Whether or not these areas of concern would magically disappear if we were to leave the EU is not clear -but not to appreciate that ‘Europe ‘ is a factor which is contributing to some of these problems is perhaps just a little short-sighted. I’m absolutely sure that the ‘Working Men’  realise  this; I’m equally sure that many of them will not be happy if not offered a Referendum at some time in the not too distant future


Denis Fuller

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