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It seems like an age ago, but  only a week  has passed since we Surrey Heath Candidates  were at Camberley Theatre awaiting the County Council Election Results.  Hundreds of other ‘ hopefuls’  were awaiting the results around Surrey. I use the word  ‘hopeful’  in the belief – I hope I am wrong -that  amongst  them  may have been some ‘paper candidates’  who had agreed to be put forward as a candidate without seriously harbouring any thoughts of winning. Perhaps they were suffering rising feelings of dread as they watched the counters add to their piles of ‘Yes’ votes. (No -I’m not going to call them ‘dreadfuls’  instead of ‘hopefuls!).  Whatever! Those of us who were successful should now have been ‘sworn in’ at County Hall; the induction process has commenced; we’ll soon be told which committees we’ve been allocated to; the list of meetings planned for the next few weeks has been published; we are all expected to be at County Hall on Monday for  the second Members Induction day. Soon we’ll receive a long  list of organisations  who require a Surrey County Councillor representative on their management board. in 2009 I volunteered to serve on several which were of particular interest and have enjoyed my experiences so far with Surrey Historical Buildings Trust, Lifetrain Trust & Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership.

For me the enquiries, complaints, concerns etc. of my Camberley West residents have continued; for any new County Councillor they are about to begin – by now they may have received a list of on-going concerns etc from the previous Councillor.

Thus I was determined to use the week after the Election to catch my breath, relax, deal with some domestic issues etc. Walking in the fabulous Surrey Countryside on Reigate Hill & Puttenham Common is a great way to wind  down. I was actually ‘wound up’ at the sight of litter om Barossa Common during my Sunday Morning pre-breakfast walk!  A blog will be following on that!  Yesterday could hardly have been better – a round of golf at Leeds Castle -then spending time with my ever -more vociferous granddaughter in the castle grounds. ( My daughter had  been worried that Jessica;s first words were going to be ‘bus lane’)

Have to stop now – I have a lever-arch file full of information for County Councillors to be ploughed through before Monday morning. I hope the traffic is not too bad for that journey to Kingston!

Denis Fuller

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