Well Well!  I’ve been called a few things over the past few weeks.  A leaflet published by the Surrey Heath Labour party during the run-up to the Election seemed to suggest that anyone standing in the Election who had not been born in Camberley was a  ‘Political Stooge’.  Actually I’m proud to have been born in Scotland. My maternal Grandfather was a convenor in the Boilermakers Union, based on Clydeside.  Over the years I have formed my own political opinions.

Anyone who has read the letters page in Camberley News and Mail this week will note that a resident was willing to vote for me despite my having a face like a ‘ Bulldog chewing Bees’.

So -I’m a mad-swivel-eyed-bee-chewing-bulldog-faced-political-stooge?  OK -I can take that. But I’d like to remind  the ‘member of David Cameron’s inner circle’ who supposedly made the remark about grassroots political activists that these very ‘grassroots political activists’ returned me and a record number of Conservative candidates in Surrey to County Hall.  I would like to remind him or her  that we suffered insults and abuse on the doorsteps, largely because some voters believe the Conservative Leadership to be out of touch with reality. The number of former Conservative voters who decided to vote for the ‘fruitcake’ party should have been a clear enough message to those on high in the Conservative Party.

People have long memories -particularly if they have been insulted because of their strongly held faith-based views. If the  Conservative leadership are expecting support from the ‘mad swivel-eyed loons’ in the fast approaching General Election campaign they’d better start listening to what their supporters at ‘grassroots’ are saying.

An apology might be a good start


Denis Fuller

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