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The Rotary Christmas Street Collection

Over the years I’ve been involved in Christmas Street Collections as a member of Egham Round Table, and the Rotary Clubs of Chertsey, then Shepperton Aurora. Wanting to join a lunchtime Rotary club I transferred to Farnborough, and my first experience of one of their street collections was on Sunday! It was like a military operation. A dozen or so collectors were marshalled by one experienced Rotarian who knew every road on the route; our illuminated trailer blasting out carols and christmas music was towed by a Rotarian in his 4WD car – he must have been an expert in manouvering in and out of tight corners with a caravan in tow! Having knocked at a door and collected some money in my tin I found myself having to walk 100 yards or so to catch up! Santa, on foot, was everywhere! As soon a young children appeared on the doorstep there he was -and that – to me  -is the sheer magic of taking part in these collections -seeing the wonderment in the eyes of youngsters when the meet the man who usually only comes down their chimney.

Nobody slammed the door in my face -something I experience when canvassing. Christmas brings out the best in people – and everyone seems to love Rotary.

Have YOU ever thought of joining? Ask me for information please.




The Reluctant Santa

father Xmas

Those of us who grew up in the years immediately following WW2 will know that the children of today receive so much more at Christmas than we did. Nevertheless Christmas was as wonderful and exiting than as it is for the children of today. The postman used to deliver parcels from my Aunties in Scotland -just the knock on the door was a cause for excitement. Nothing compared with the excitement of the night my Father lit the candles, (yes-real candles), on the Christmas Tree and they set the curtains on fire! Happy Days!  My brothers and I shared one bedroom and how we looked forward to The Sunbury Rotarians coming round the streets, with Santa!

In due course I joined Egham Round Table; we had a wonderful old truck, painted red, which we called ‘The Runnymede Rocket’.  At Christmas time we’d decorate it and do the rounds of the local streets with one of us dressed as Santa. Us young Tablers were welcomed by many of the young mums with perhaps a mince pie, perhaps a brandy, and perhaps -for Santa- even a kiss!

Later I joined the Rotary Club of Chertsey and, like most Rotary Clubs, we collected at Christmas. How I used to enjoy seeing the faces of the young children at their windows as we went by with Santa.

My experiences at Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club were similar. We were allowed to collect at Tescos and elsewhere, and on one night the Lady members toured the local pubs. One lady member was a curate at St Nicholas’s Church -she used to bring her Bassett hound on the street collections so that it had its evening walkie. I recall that one night we persuaded her to be Santa. Sadly one small boy was not fooled by her disguise! “You’re not Santa”, he yelled, “you’re Melanie”

And now I’m in the Farnborough Rotary Club, willing to collect, not so willing to play the part of Santa. Sadly, at our site in Farnborough yesterday, my two lady companions refused to be Santa – so I was lumbered. I’m afraid my grumpy old face and my reluctance to wear my beard (I have a cold) did not go down too well with them! No mince pies, brandy or kisses!

I did however have one memorable experience. A man came along with a younger person in a wheelchair who was clearly very disabled. The man asked if he could take a photograph of me with his companion. I duly stood behind the wheelchair and held onto the handles. The person in the chair took hold of my hand and pressed it against his face, where he held it for a few seconds. I imagine he could not speak – for me he didn’t need to speak at that moment.   That brief experience reminded me that we don’t always need gifts, food or drink to make someone happy at Christmastime


How lucky we are to have a Surrey Heath Resident who cares about people receiving parking tickets.

Last Friday afternoon, (December 6th),  Carol and I were walking to the Christmas Market in Park street at about 4-30 pm. We met a gentleman on the London Road Slip Road who seemed  in a very agitated state  and we saw that two parking wardens were on the scene. We also saw that several cars had parking penalty notices on their windscreens. The gentleman explained that he had already saved several people from getting penalty notices and that nobody realised that the parking arrangements had been changed.  I told him that I was a Surrey County Councillor and I gave him my card. On the way back from the town Carol and I walked along the Slip Road – one warden was still present. I returned on Saturday December 7th -once again there were cars with penalty notices on their windscreens and a warden was in the road. I revisited the slip road on Wednesday late morning, December 11th; again a warden was in the road and cars had tickets.

Being extremely concerned about this situation I alerted all of my Surrey Heath county council colleague and sent information to groups, clubs, churches etc. trying to warn people about the new parking arrangements. I also used social media. I was pleased to hear that Rodney Bates had tabled a question on the matter at the SHBC full council meeting on December 12th.

Yesterday I had a telephone call from the gentleman Carol and I had met on Friday December 6th; he had decided to call me to explain what he was doing but after listening for a few minutes I asked him to please send me an email. This gentleman’s name is Michael Edwards and his email appears below -I have his consent to send it to whoever I want.

At the last count I gather that some 800 people had parked illegally in London Road Slip Road since the arrangements changed in Mid- October.  Michael Edwards has ‘moved on’ another 100 potential victims. I can only agree with him, and many others, that the statutory public notice warning about these changes was inadequate. That being so I am firmly of the view that all penalties should be refunded for first time offenders, and that the process should start all over again. We are not infallible -we all make mistakes.

Please read Michael Edwards email -then tell me what you think,

Denis Fuller


From :  Michael Edwards

To : denis.fuller@surreycc.gov.uk

Cc :

Sent on : 13/12 13:17:45 GMT

Subject : Parking – London Road A30 – We met last Friday

Hello Mr Fuller

Thank you for our conversation this morning.

My experience , when we met, on Friday 6th December 2013 , and subsequently, has been,  as follows:

-I was warning people not to park there as the traffic wardens are having a field day.

-My issue is that what they are doing is unfair – whilst legal – the signage is abysmal AND that there was no notice easily visible that this had changed – bearing in mind that also it gets dark early and people really cannot see these signs ontop of the poles.

-One person who was caught, put up some A4 flyers along the poster wall there, to say it had changed – the council took them down in a day – you try and get the council to move that fast when you want something.

-I was accosted by 1 warden, a black man of African appearance and dialect, who said what I was doing was illegal (warning people not to park or they would get a ticket) . I know that he was wrong (he could see his ticket count going down) and I stood my ground and told him that what he was doing was   morally wrong – he got his walkie talkie and (unbeliveably) within 2 minutes – another 2 coloured men also of African appearance and accent appeared around the corner. They thought that the 3 of them would send me packing – it was the other way around.

They hid behind a large white van waiting for people to park – and then pounced.

-I know what they are doing is legal but its not right – Firstly – they should have painted “Resident’s Parking” on the ground along the white line – the same as they do for disabled. Also they should have put up – for some time a highly visible sign saying change of use.

Subsequent to the above:

-I had only got an acknowledgement E-Mail from the council and nothing further – after 2 weeks.

-I called last Friday – but their phones were not working -I have called them this morning – and spoken to various people and ended up with (Mr XXXX) who is one of the parking team (I believe a senior person)  We had a frank and good conversation – I highlighed the above and what was it we can do – he was good in explaining that all signage must conform to the Highways Act – but that we can have temorary signage warning people not to park (Prevention is better than the cure in this case) He will E-Mail the sign to another department (how many are there!) and they will put them up – its not an exact science – so he is saying Monday / Tuesday – And I have said I will call Wednesday if there is nothing – persistence is the key.

So – my stance is as follows

1/. We do not have adequate signage – people have parked here for decades and do not know this has been altered / changed

2/. Traffic Wardens are not warning people – they are hiding / lying in wait and then pouncing

3/. The people they are catching are not criminals or chancers they just are not aware – and I feel my fellow residents should not be treated this way.

I hope the council will respond and do something – I do find the attitude should be different when doing this – the ticket count alone should have been enough for the council to realise they are doing something wrong – but putting profit over service and your own morals is a poor way to serve the community – who at the end of the day – pay your wages.

I have not had a ticket myself – I was lucky enough to see the flyers – so far I have warned and moved on about 100 motorists who could have received tickets.

Kind Regards

Michael Edwards

Frimley, Camberley

Surrey Gu16 7JX


I make no secret of the fact that I hate litter and I hate litterers. My own road is a route home from Camberley for those enjoying the ‘night economy’. so on Saturday, Sunday & Monday mornings I find bottles, cans, half-eaten food, bags and containers and vomit on the way to collect my newspaper from the Town Centre. If anyone saw my Surrey County Council Election literature earlier this year they’d have seen THREE litter related photos, one being with the excellent ZILCH team from Camberley – I helped them clear litter at Frimley Railway Bridge -disgusting!

Today at Surrey County Council our Leader, David Hodge, announced our countywide anti -litter campaign and I’m delighted. Let’s hope we can penalise those dirty, selfish litters and by so doing create a cleaner Camberley and a cleaner Surrey



In March 2013 there was a proposal to limit free parking on this slip road in order to provide parking spaces for residents in the nearby flats. On August 29th the SCC Parking team advised that no objections had been received; they thus proceeded to give Statutory Notice of intended changes to the parking arrangements. I drove past this slip road at 8-35 am this morning. Before the parking changes were implemented there would probably have been no available spaces after 9-00am. This morning very few cars were parked and there was space for at least 15 and probably more cars. I visited the slip road during the late afternoon of Friday and Saturday evenings. On both occasions parked cars had received penalty notices and parking wardens were in attendance. Over the weekend I’ve been involved in a discussion with SHBC and SCC councillors  responsible for local parking matters; I visited the slip road yesterday at 4-30 with my SCC colleague -whilst there we spoke to a lady who had no idea that the parking arrangements had changed. I understand that since those parking arrangements were amended approximately 400 people have infringed the rules. In the first two weeks there were I understand 170 infringements – but no penalties were levied in that period. I’ve requested accurate figures of infringements and penalties to date. Yesterday I asked the aforementioned SCC & SHBC  councillors to try and call off the parking wardens and suspend penalties until an investigation into why so many people seem unaware of the changes has been completed. Is the number of infringements in a  200 yard stretch of road unusual? Do people want to be fined?  Would so many have been fined if there were yellow lines on the road? I suggest that the height of the Parking Permit Area notices is a factor as is the fact that in one stretch of the slip road there is 30 minutes permitted, whereas at the other end no parking is allowed. I’m hoping for satisfactory answers and action this week. in the meantime please tell everyone you know to TAKE Care when parking in Camberley and to LOOK AT THE SIGNS