In March 2013 there was a proposal to limit free parking on this slip road in order to provide parking spaces for residents in the nearby flats. On August 29th the SCC Parking team advised that no objections had been received; they thus proceeded to give Statutory Notice of intended changes to the parking arrangements. I drove past this slip road at 8-35 am this morning. Before the parking changes were implemented there would probably have been no available spaces after 9-00am. This morning very few cars were parked and there was space for at least 15 and probably more cars. I visited the slip road during the late afternoon of Friday and Saturday evenings. On both occasions parked cars had received penalty notices and parking wardens were in attendance. Over the weekend I’ve been involved in a discussion with SHBC and SCC councillors  responsible for local parking matters; I visited the slip road yesterday at 4-30 with my SCC colleague -whilst there we spoke to a lady who had no idea that the parking arrangements had changed. I understand that since those parking arrangements were amended approximately 400 people have infringed the rules. In the first two weeks there were I understand 170 infringements – but no penalties were levied in that period. I’ve requested accurate figures of infringements and penalties to date. Yesterday I asked the aforementioned SCC & SHBC  councillors to try and call off the parking wardens and suspend penalties until an investigation into why so many people seem unaware of the changes has been completed. Is the number of infringements in a  200 yard stretch of road unusual? Do people want to be fined?  Would so many have been fined if there were yellow lines on the road? I suggest that the height of the Parking Permit Area notices is a factor as is the fact that in one stretch of the slip road there is 30 minutes permitted, whereas at the other end no parking is allowed. I’m hoping for satisfactory answers and action this week. in the meantime please tell everyone you know to TAKE Care when parking in Camberley and to LOOK AT THE SIGNS




  1. Thanks Denis – I have heard so many complaints from people about this also I hope you are successful with your call for investigation. It is madness in any case to provide more permit spaces in town when there are so many others (such as those behind boots) which are permanently empty – do we really need more permit spaces? Perhaps Permits only between 5pm and 9am in the morning??? otherwise previous 30 minute restrictions

    • fullerdenis says:

      Thanks Karen
      tell all those people to speak to me.I’m sure the fuss I’m making is upsetting a few ‘sensitivities’, but do I care? I’m now dealing with David Hodge, the excellent leader of SHBC. I’ve ensured that Michael Gove is aware too -after all it was Michael who stepped in to help when hundreds of people were being clamped in Cedar Lane car park, Frimley. The result of that was a total ban on clamping on private land -NATIONWIDE. See you soon Karen


  2. Peter Seabrook-Harris says:

    Many thanks for your support Denis and I am writing an open letter to Karen Whelan (Chief Executive SHBC) in the hope that she may bring some welcome common sense and festive goodwill to bear in resolving this sorry and wholly unnecessary debacle which could do irreparable and long term damage to Camberley.

    • fullerdenis says:


      did you get a reply from Karen?

      • Peter Seabrook-Harris says:

        Hi Denis – no sadly I didn’t get any reply from Ms Whelan though I was warned that she was apparently not great at communication. However being the eternal optimist I’d hoped that she would reply to my conciliatory approach given her 30 years in local government so yes I am more disappointed and saddened at her lack of response than angry. Maybe she has just given up the will to sort out issues like this these days? Either way in my industry you take ownership and sort it whatever your level and hiding under your desk with your fingers in your ears is not frankly an option for most of us folk working in a real world commercial environment.

      • fullerdenis says:

        Can you call me please Peter

      • fullerdenis says:

        did you get a response from Karen Whelan. Also did you see her Statement, published by SHBC last week?

  3. Peter Seabrook-Harris says:

    Here’s a copy letter mailed to the chief executive today Denis as I’m hoping that she can finally put an end to this un-seasonally churlish behaviour and get these signs up and cancel the PCN’s issued. Thanks for your endeavours.

    Ms Karen Whelan
    Chief Executive SHBC
    SHBC Knoll Rd

    Dear Ms Whelan

    A30 Slipway change of parking regulations

    It saddens me greatly that your parking team seem completely incapable of coming to a decent and fair resolution to the above parking debacle which is now frankly blighting Camberley’s reputation.
    I refer of course to the utterly underhand manner in which a significant change of use has been introduced and applied to what was previously a long standing facility where motorists could park freely up for 30 minutes.
    I am a local resident of 28 years and have never received a single ticket or traffic violation in all this time nor even a fine at the local library.
    I have campaigned for positive change for Camberley and against inappropriate planning applications and given my time and support
    I have supported local initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch and charities and events wherever and whenever I can
    I have done my level best to support a struggling high street and patronise local independent traders
    £35 is frankly nothing to me but the cost to you and your business community will be enormous as long as this shabby practice continues as, I for one, have elected to have as little to do with your town centre from now on as a matter of principle. Hordes of my fellow complainants too have also articulated the very same outrage at such insensitivity and frankly inept handing of what should be a simple issue.
    Put up clear change of use signage and there would be no valid complaints and if you refund the fines issued to date then that would be a fair and appropriate response in these specific circumstances. Meanwhile your traffic wardens are watching passively whilst unwitting motorists are parking up and then slapping on tickets at the first opportunity. We have witnesses who have seen this behaviour first hand and this proves that this parking team are not sincere in trying to ensure such spaces are made vacant for permit holders.
    This is parking mismanagement of the first order and if you haven’t already seen the press and online comments I suggest you trawl the recent coverage and in particular The Camberley Eye blog and this will give you a sense of the depth of ill feeling here.
    I’m delighted to see that Councillor Denis Fuller has taken the trouble to personally look into this scandal and been physically on site and hopefully his comments will carry some weight here.
    Camberley can be a great town but as long as you actively preside over such malpractice the label of Scamberley will be hard to shift and the significant adverse effects will be felt long and hard.
    You have an opportunity to put this right and to do the decent thing and I therefore urge you to embrace the festive period and arrive at a rather more positive outcome than the above.
    Yours faithfully

    Peter Seabrook-Harris
    6 Gainsborough Close
    GU15 3UE

    • fullerdenis says:

      Thanks Peter, I’ve not forgotten that we need to speak but I wanted something to say. I know know the number of victims on the slip road. This will be public soon as Rodney Bates has tabled a question at SHBC asking that very question. I had 186 people look at Blog yesterday and 50 so far today -that speaks volumes?


      • Peter Seabrook-Harris says:

        Cheers Denis and no worries. Emails from both Surrey CC Kingston customer relations and also Trading Standards so I’m hoping that things may be moving in the right direction here but then I am a natural optimist ha ha

      • fullerdenis says:

        Peter can you send me your email address please

  4. camberleyeye says:

    As Karen points out, there are usually lots of empty permit-only spaces in the service areas. I’d love to see these made available to the public so that we can eliminate parking in the High Street at peak times. But I think we’re talking about different permits here; residents permits in the A30 service road – under the county council umbrella, and business permits in the service areas – the borough council’s patch.
    (By the by, Denis, I can beat your blog numbers when the A30 parking issue is in play. Which reinforces your ‘speaks volumes’.)

  5. Craig says:

    Denis agreed to these changes at a committee meeting and never put up a case against the new restrictions!! The only way this can get changed is by Surrey County Council changing the ruling which will have to go back to the Local Area Committee which Denis sits on. Kept that quiet!! Or he and his collegues agree to refund the tickets. This has been imposed by Denis and Surrey County Council and not Surrey Heath Borough Council. SHBC only issue tickets on behalf of SCC

    • fullerdenis says:

      Craig you are talking RUBBISH.As I’ve been saying to you:

      1 -Councillors – we who are E L E C T E D -determine Policy. Yes -we agreed the changes.

      2 -Staff -ie officers – ie people who are P A I D – put the policy into effect in accordance with laid down guidelines.

      3 – we ALL need to establish whether the guidelines are effective. Judging by the number of people who failed to notice the changes it seems that something may have gone wrong.

      I really hope that is clear now.

  6. This is the latest from Surrey CC and YES THE SIGNS are finally in place
    Now we want a refund for those PCN’s issued up to this point.

    Email received from Surrey CC 22.01.14

    Dear Mr Seabrook-Harris

    Just to clarify that now the new signs have been put up fines will be issued if the new restrictions are not adhered to.

    Carole Mackay
    Customer Relations
    Surrey CC



    Email received from Surrey CC 22.01.14

    Dear Mr Seabrook -Harris

    Thank you for your email below. The parking team have confirmed that the additional signage should now been in place. They have also advised that Surrey Heath Borough Council have not recently been issuing parking fines at this location unless there was an infringement of the previous restrictions such as overstaying the 30 min time limit.

    Whilst I appreciate that this does not provide a resolution to the issue relating to previous fines I hope that this will provide clarity going forward.

    Yours sincerely
    Carole Mackay
    Customer Relations

    earlier email

    Dear Mrs Mckay

    Many thanks for your prompt response and yes “remain unhappy” would be a mild understatement but I’m hopeful that common sense will eventually prevail without us having to go through all the hoops and up to LGO level etc

    I have a busy day job (plus I help with two major national charities as time allows) so I will be happy when this whole saga can be satisfactorily closed as I’m sure you can appreciate

    We will indeed watch the outcome of the March 13th meeting though regrettably this will be some three months of misery that unwitting motorists will have endured as PCN’s are still piling up daily – all totally unnecessary if proper signage was installed from day one.

    All very frustrating as I’m sure you can understand

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Seabrook-Harris

    From: Carole On Behalf Of County Complaints

    Sent: 16 January 2014 16:02
    To: Peter Seabrook-Harris
    Subject: Re: Parking alongside the London Road A30 Slipway

    Dear Mr Seabrook-Harris

    Thank you for your email below. I am sorry that you remain unhappy with the way in which Surrey County Council has implemented the change in parking restrictions on the London Road.

    I am aware that there has been a petition on this issue submitted to the Council (link here) to which you are a signatory. I can advise that this will be heard and responded to by the Surrey Heath Local Committee on 13 March 2013. Further details of the petition process is available on the council’s website by clicking on the link here.

    The council’s complaints procedure would not normally consider a complaint where there is another process for resolution. However, if following the outcome of the Local Committee Meeting your believe that your issues have not been addressed and that the council has failed to implement the changes to the parking restrictions correctly, please let us know. We would then be able to consider a further investigation, at stage 2 of the council’s complaints procedure. Further details of the complaints procedure are available on the council’s website by clicking on the link here.

    You can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman at any time, however they would normally expect you to have followed the council’s own complaints procedure first. Further information available on their website at http://www.lgo.org.uk

    If you would like any further information in the meantime please contact the Customer Relations Team on 020 8541 9100 or by emailing county.complaints@surreycc.gov.uk

    Yours sincerely
    Carole Mackay (Mrs)
    Customer Relations

    Date: 15/01/2014 12:54
    Subject: Parking alongside the London Road A30 Slipway


    Dear Sir/Madam

    For the past two months I (along with over 500 complainants) have been consistently lobbying SHBC regarding their grossly inept implementation of a change of parking designation

    In simple terms for over two decades there has been a short stretch of slip road alongside the A30 where you could park for 30 minutes or longer term with a permit. Late October 2013 the 30 minute facility was removed and parking tickets have since been issued in droves to folk blissfully unaware of the change of use

    Apparently a couple of ads ran in the local paper last year but no prominent (and permanent) change of use signage was affixed to the posts nor clear road markings added

    As a result hundreds of innocent motorists (many like me have never had a ticket in 30 years) have been snared and despite constant protests no prominent warning signs have been installed (though Surrey CC did put some temporary ones up very briefly) and now we have approx. £40,000 of fine issued and no effective appeals nor effective remedy in sight

    I have written twice to the Chief Executive and received no reply whatsoever and I’m even told by one complainant that a receptionist admitted she hadn’t bothered to forward their earlier complaint when they pursued her for their lack of feedback from the Chief Executive

    These web sites should give you a flavour of the obdurate attitude we are encountering and we certainly wish to take this to the next level


    Check out the “Disrespect then Contempt” post and the many, many past blogs

    There is also an E petition which underlines the strength of public anger here


    I have requested answers to a number of questions relating to their parking mismanagement under the FOI act and can happily supply these when made available

    Our issue is NOT the change of designation (despite the almost total absence of any resident permit cars) but the underhand manner in which this change of use has been implemented without additional clear permanent signage

    The fact the council is happy to continue handing out parking fines (and stacking up the revenues) rather than address the simple issue of putting up these signs says it all and needs urgent redress so please can you advise what further action can be taken and in particular referral to the LGO

    Many thanks

    Yours faithfully

    Peter Seabrook-Harris

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