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The Rotary Christmas Street Collection

Over the years I’ve been involved in Christmas Street Collections as a member of Egham Round Table, and the Rotary Clubs of Chertsey, then Shepperton Aurora. Wanting to join a lunchtime Rotary club I transferred to Farnborough, and my first experience of one of their street collections was on Sunday! It was like a military operation. A dozen or so collectors were marshalled by one experienced Rotarian who knew every road on the route; our illuminated trailer blasting out carols and christmas music was towed by a Rotarian in his 4WD car – he must have been an expert in manouvering in and out of tight corners with a caravan in tow! Having knocked at a door and collected some money in my tin I found myself having to walk 100 yards or so to catch up! Santa, on foot, was everywhere! As soon a young children appeared on the doorstep there he was -and that – to me  -is the sheer magic of taking part in these collections -seeing the wonderment in the eyes of youngsters when the meet the man who usually only comes down their chimney.

Nobody slammed the door in my face -something I experience when canvassing. Christmas brings out the best in people – and everyone seems to love Rotary.

Have YOU ever thought of joining? Ask me for information please.




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