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London Road Slip Road A30 Camberley opposite RMA entrance…………..

…………There! I knew that heading would make you look! Well; on this rainy windy morning my wife, Carol,  picked me up from my appointment at FPH and she drove to Camberley, where Carol was hoping to buy some gloves at the wonderful HM Supplies on the slip road. Carol said we might park in the ‘Permit Holder Only’ bays for a couple of minutes, as they were sure to be empty, and it was unlikely that we’d bump into any traffic wardens on a morning like this, and for so short a time. Oh Yes? Carol got out of the driving seat and I opened the passenger door to get myself into the driving seat and move off to a legal parking area. However I was confronted by a lady who warned me not to even think about parking there as I’d get a ticket. I looked round and- guess what – the parking wardens were walking down the road putting tickets on windscreens. I though to myself are those wardens ever not on the slip road? The kind lady told me where she lived, said she was disgusted with the council, and would never vote Conservative again. I offered to pass on a message to her councillors if she would send me an email, but she refused, saying even thinking about the issue made her too cross.

Some weeks ago I discovered that elsewhere in Surrey, in Permit Holder Only zones, there are bigger signs, at a more readable height. We now have those signs on the slip road, yet people are still parking there! We are all creatures of habit; I confess that I don’t walk around an area where I’ve parked for many years looking for signs. Are the new signs sufficiently clear I ask?

Rev. Bruce Nicole’s petition, which closed on February 2nd after being on the SCC website for a month, attracted almost 900 supporters. The petition will be heard at the Surrey Heath SCC Local Area Committee meeting at Collingwood School on March 13th. Petitions are normally heard soon after 6-00pm.

What saddens me so much, as a councillor, is that people like me do a considerable amount of work for our residents, our community, the Borough and the County. SHBC and SCC on the whole do a pretty good job, under quite difficult circumstances. Yet the issue over the notice and signage of these newly created Permit Holder areas has caused an enormous amount of bad feeling against the councils and the councillors.

There are serious lessons to be learned. In the meantime I hope that this blog will save a few more people from an unwanted parking fine

Denis Fuller



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