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‘Carpenters’ Combe Martin, North Devon? Here is a last minute offer…………..

Well -‘I just do not believe it’ -as Victor Meldrew used to say. If we’d known it was not going to be snapped up during the Easter Holidays we’d have made plans to go down there ourselves! We’ve booked out the two weeks commencing April 26th to finally get everything ready for our busy Summer Period. We’ll be cleaning the decking; installing the Wi-Fi; touching up some paintwork; doing some gardening; meeting our caretakers etc.

Running a seaside furnished holiday let self catering bungalow 180 miles from home is quite a challenge. Between May and September we need to get down at least twice to carry out inspection visits. Our guests leave at 10-am on a Saturday and the new ones arrive at  3-00pm. so we have just 5 hours to check everything -and we have to stay locally in a hotel or with friends to be on the scene at 10-00am!

I’ve been a co-owner of ‘Carpenters’,  for over ten years. It has never ever been empty at Easter!  From May to August it is fully occupied. We can only think that people believe Devon to be under water. Combe Martin was virtually unaffected by the bad weather.

‘Carpenters’  is just a few yards from the sea and the SW Coastal Path. Combe Martin is a fantastic base at any time of the year.

.We have slashed our normal prices just to get it occupied -it is now a real bargain.

You can always email me for more details -denis@cottagesindevon.com


These boots are made for walking – but now they are STILL FOR SALE

Before I start waffling – these top-of- the -range boots are for sale  – I’m open to offers. They’ve only got 30 miles on the clock and I cannot wear them. I’m not inclined  to resort to e-bay and have somebody offer 50p – if it comes to that I’ll give them to a charity shop. Heaven knows I already give a load of stuff to various charity shops. Last week it was a load of old cricket gear I’ll never use again unless England really get desperate and call me up. Week before it was some golf shoes. Anyway, as a keen rambler (more later) I decided a couple of years ago to get some new boots – and to really splash out. So off I went to Cotswold, and asked to see the very best boots in the shop, and this is them.  They are a pair of size 11.5 (11 1/2) Meindl Softline Goretex boots  -cost me about £130 -more than double what I’d ever paid previously. They seemed very comfortable when I tried them on in the shop. What I had not realised is that I was developing a problem with one foot. I did a few local walks which seemed OK – but then went off to The Malverns, where I found that, frankly and sadly, I could not wear them. I saw a podiatrist a few times, but the poor foot will not get better. Now I have to buy larger, very wide-fitting boots and shoes. I can’t even get golf shoes off the shelf to fit me. In my younger says I jogged and I played various sports -albeit not very well. Then in 1986 I became a member of Camberley Arena, where I bumped into a strange bird, Peggy, who walked marathons. Until then I’d thought those odd folk who walked with sticks and had trousers tucked into their boots were a bit weird -but Peggy got a few of us Arena members out walking -and that is how it started. We even set up a furnished holiday let cottage business in Combe Martin (www.cottagesindevon.com). And we became founder members of the Surrey Heath branch of The Ramblers Association. I even served seven years on the board of trustees of  The Ramblers Association, as Honorary Treasurer. And I still walk quite a few miles every week – but in pretty special hand-made boots -actually made in UK – in Northampton in fact -once the home of shoe making in UK. (When I was training to be a chartered accountant in the City I spent one week per month in Northampton working on the audit of Barratts Shoes) OK – don’t say it -I’m rambling! I’d really like to get some ££ for these very nice boots -to help me pay for some new ones, or even some specially hand-made golf shoes. ‘er indoors only allows me a limited amount of pocket money. So when you are walking -or even when you see people walking – or should I say ‘hiking’ – please tell them you know a poor chap who has some boots for sale. Denis boots

Littering. Enough is enough!










Yesterday we took our granddaughter up to see the Obelisk, via Camberley Park, in Knoll Road. Surrey Heath Borough Council not only created an excellent area for children to play in; they also constructed a nice pathway up to the historic Obelisk.  Sadly to me it seems that graffiti has become socially acceptable – an opinion which I do not share.  Having arrived at the top of the hill we discovered litter, bottles and cans lying around the area. I really cannot wait for news that litters have been caught and heavily fined.

We walked down the hill to the childrens’ playground, where we found broken glass near the slide.

Surrey Heath BC do a very good job clearing litter -but it should not be dropped in the first place!  I visit Arena Leisure Centre on several mornings each week; usually there is litter around the car park, although there are ample waste bins on the site. Arena staff have to clear the litter away. Who bears the cost of clearing litter?

A few weeks ago I was stuck in a two mile traffic jam on the Hogs Back. As we crawled along I started to county the discarded cans on the central reservation. I stopped at 100.

If we continue to tolerate this lack of consideration and respect for other people, we are doing ourselves no favours. If litterers get away with their vile behavior, what else will they think they can get away with?

I want to read about cases where people have been punished. I want the message to travel far and wide, Enough is enough!

Denis Fuller