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Littering. Enough is enough!










Yesterday we took our granddaughter up to see the Obelisk, via Camberley Park, in Knoll Road. Surrey Heath Borough Council not only created an excellent area for children to play in; they also constructed a nice pathway up to the historic Obelisk.  Sadly to me it seems that graffiti has become socially acceptable – an opinion which I do not share.  Having arrived at the top of the hill we discovered litter, bottles and cans lying around the area. I really cannot wait for news that litters have been caught and heavily fined.

We walked down the hill to the childrens’ playground, where we found broken glass near the slide.

Surrey Heath BC do a very good job clearing litter -but it should not be dropped in the first place!  I visit Arena Leisure Centre on several mornings each week; usually there is litter around the car park, although there are ample waste bins on the site. Arena staff have to clear the litter away. Who bears the cost of clearing litter?

A few weeks ago I was stuck in a two mile traffic jam on the Hogs Back. As we crawled along I started to county the discarded cans on the central reservation. I stopped at 100.

If we continue to tolerate this lack of consideration and respect for other people, we are doing ourselves no favours. If litterers get away with their vile behavior, what else will they think they can get away with?

I want to read about cases where people have been punished. I want the message to travel far and wide, Enough is enough!

Denis Fuller


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