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These boots are made for walking – but now they are STILL FOR SALE

Before I start waffling – these top-of- the -range boots are for sale  – I’m open to offers. They’ve only got 30 miles on the clock and I cannot wear them. I’m not inclined  to resort to e-bay and have somebody offer 50p – if it comes to that I’ll give them to a charity shop. Heaven knows I already give a load of stuff to various charity shops. Last week it was a load of old cricket gear I’ll never use again unless England really get desperate and call me up. Week before it was some golf shoes. Anyway, as a keen rambler (more later) I decided a couple of years ago to get some new boots – and to really splash out. So off I went to Cotswold, and asked to see the very best boots in the shop, and this is them.  They are a pair of size 11.5 (11 1/2) Meindl Softline Goretex boots  -cost me about £130 -more than double what I’d ever paid previously. They seemed very comfortable when I tried them on in the shop. What I had not realised is that I was developing a problem with one foot. I did a few local walks which seemed OK – but then went off to The Malverns, where I found that, frankly and sadly, I could not wear them. I saw a podiatrist a few times, but the poor foot will not get better. Now I have to buy larger, very wide-fitting boots and shoes. I can’t even get golf shoes off the shelf to fit me. In my younger says I jogged and I played various sports -albeit not very well. Then in 1986 I became a member of Camberley Arena, where I bumped into a strange bird, Peggy, who walked marathons. Until then I’d thought those odd folk who walked with sticks and had trousers tucked into their boots were a bit weird -but Peggy got a few of us Arena members out walking -and that is how it started. We even set up a furnished holiday let cottage business in Combe Martin (www.cottagesindevon.com). And we became founder members of the Surrey Heath branch of The Ramblers Association. I even served seven years on the board of trustees of  The Ramblers Association, as Honorary Treasurer. And I still walk quite a few miles every week – but in pretty special hand-made boots -actually made in UK – in Northampton in fact -once the home of shoe making in UK. (When I was training to be a chartered accountant in the City I spent one week per month in Northampton working on the audit of Barratts Shoes) OK – don’t say it -I’m rambling! I’d really like to get some ££ for these very nice boots -to help me pay for some new ones, or even some specially hand-made golf shoes. ‘er indoors only allows me a limited amount of pocket money. So when you are walking -or even when you see people walking – or should I say ‘hiking’ – please tell them you know a poor chap who has some boots for sale. Denis boots

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