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‘Carpenters’ Combe Martin, North Devon? Here is a last minute offer…………..

Well -‘I just do not believe it’ -as Victor Meldrew used to say. If we’d known it was not going to be snapped up during the Easter Holidays we’d have made plans to go down there ourselves! We’ve booked out the two weeks commencing April 26th to finally get everything ready for our busy Summer Period. We’ll be cleaning the decking; installing the Wi-Fi; touching up some paintwork; doing some gardening; meeting our caretakers etc.

Running a seaside furnished holiday let self catering bungalow 180 miles from home is quite a challenge. Between May and September we need to get down at least twice to carry out inspection visits. Our guests leave at 10-am on a Saturday and the new ones arrive at  3-00pm. so we have just 5 hours to check everything -and we have to stay locally in a hotel or with friends to be on the scene at 10-00am!

I’ve been a co-owner of ‘Carpenters’,  for over ten years. It has never ever been empty at Easter!  From May to August it is fully occupied. We can only think that people believe Devon to be under water. Combe Martin was virtually unaffected by the bad weather.

‘Carpenters’  is just a few yards from the sea and the SW Coastal Path. Combe Martin is a fantastic base at any time of the year.

.We have slashed our normal prices just to get it occupied -it is now a real bargain.

You can always email me for more details -denis@cottagesindevon.com


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