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Camberley A30 Bus Lane – update

Yesterday morning at 8-00am I was involved in a ‘near-miss’ with a motorcycle at the junction of A30 and Grand Avenue. Neither of us were doing anything wrong -we were both just having to deal with the bus lane in the short section between Lower Charles Street and Grand Avenue.  Anyone looking at http://www.crashmap.co.uk  and searching ‘London Road Camberley’ will see clearly just how many injury accidents have been recorded at the various junctions between Park Street and  Queen Mary Avenue. Having observed this bus lane since it was introduced, I still cannot understand how anyone agreed to implement a road design that involved vehicles having to turn LEFT over a bus lane to access a side turning.

Ken Clarke and I are not alone in our views about this bus lane. I’m regularly approached by people expressing concern about it. Karen Kendall of Churches Together, Camberley, shares our concerns too, and is inviting comments on http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z255ZS8 . Whatever your feelings about A30/bus lane, please spare a few moments and complete this survey.

Surrey County Council’s core values are Listen, Trust, Respect, Responsible.  Following Ken Clarke’s petition, SCC are conducting a Review of the A30/bus lane.  There will be a public meeting in the early Summer. We cannot expect travellers who happen to be using A30 as part of a route from A-B to know about petitions, surveys, local concerns etc. It is up to local residents to say what they think.  I believe that SCC will Listen to the views of residents, will Trust them, and Respect them. SCC will take responsibility of doing what is best for the majority. But if they don’t know what those views are it makes matters difficult. So please be sure to complete Karen’s survey.


Denis Fuller



Below is a blog I posted on June 26th 2014. However I’ve been concerned about the safety and confusion on the stretch of A30 between Park Street and The Meadows on which the bus lane is sited ever since it was installed.  This morning I witnessed a similar incident to the ones described in my earlier blog -a car turned from the middle lane into The Avenue across the bonnet of a refuse lorry which was in the bus lane. In December 2009 I arrived at this junction after a bus had broadsided a Ford Focus which had turned left into The Avenue across its path. Some years ago a website was published – http://www.crashmap.co.uk.  Wishing to run a story on this, BBC South Today visited The Avenue/A30 junction, which has one of the worst accident records in the South of England. Log onto crashmap and search ‘London Road Camberley’. See for yourself -and note that only ‘injury accidents’ are recorded.

Ken Clarke, a former Police Sergeant at Frimley , posted a petition on the Surrey CC Website, calling for the bus lane to be removed. Surrey CC Local Area Committee for Surrey Heath will receive the petition at about 6-00pm at High Cross Church on December 11th. A review of the A30/bus lane will be conducted and a public meeting has been proposed for 12th March 2015.

The purpose of a bus lane is to separate buses from cars and allow buses to move more freely, thus enabling them to adhere to their timetables. In this way more people can be encouraged to use buses instead of cars. I have no problem with that. However there are at least six points along the A30 bus lane where vehicles have to turn across the bus lane – over a stretch of road which is less than a mile in length. There never are any major queues on A30 Westbound apart from during the evening rush hour. Such queues as there may be are made worse because over 95% of drivers do not or will not use the bus lane.

A bus is an alternative means of transport. However The A30 is a major trunk road from London to Lands End. Many drivers using A30 are passing by Camberley en route to Hampshire and beyond. Also A30 is an alternative to M3 when accidents or hold-ups occur on the motorway.

The bus lane in my view should never have been installed and should be removed. I believe it was a ‘political’ bus lane. Hampshire CC have removed a stretch of bus lane from Farnborough Gate -what an improvement! The Govt. removed the Prescott M4 bus lane. Liverpool are removing 22 of their 26 bus lanes.

We have one chance to persuade Surrey County Council to remove the bus lane and make the A30 safer. We need YOUR views please

Denis Fuller


Original Blog:


I’m one of the few drivers who actually uses the bus lane when permitted to do so. I think it crazy that the vast majority of drivers ignore the inside lane of a major road through Camberley. They’d rather queue in the outside lane at the Frimley Road traffic lights than legally queue in the bus lane -thus allowing double the number of vehicles to move on at Frimley Road when the lights were green.

Last week I was cut-up by a car turning left from the middle lane into The Avenue. I was in the bus lane. If I’d not stopped, the other car would have taken my bonnet off!

This morning a Tesco home delivery van turned across the front of my car from the middle lane into the entrance of an apartment block. As I passed by the driver was glaring at me.  Had he not read the signs?

What is wrong with drivers not understanding the rules of the A30 Bus Lane??